NOVA DISTRIBUTORI AUTOMATICI S.r.l., born in Salizzole in 1989 after many years of experience in the vending sector of one of its founders, and after four years of research, studies, creation and testing of different models of vending machines.

It materialize its work experience in 1990 with the design, production and marketing of three different models of vending machines suitable for the sale of cold drinks, packaged pastries and snacks in general.
Over the years diversified its range with the production of multiple models also technologically evolving the functionality of its vending machines.

2003 In 2003 it started to develop a new system called "New Video Point" able to advertise a product and, at the same time, promoting it through the vending machines to reach in 2005 the PCT "Patent Cooperation Trety".

With an eye always towards the future and new technologies, Nova Distributori Automatici S.r.l. plans for its vending machines electronic components and software of latest generation, also manageable by multimedia systems (UMTS, Internet ..).
The planning and marketing efforts, the constant participation in fairs also international, and a good network of sales representative, are allowed to expand this company, as well as on the Italian market, also on the international market going to cover various areas that are not only the specifically of the vending put in factories, offices, hospitals, communities and more, but sweeping from washing stations and service areas, to tobacco shop, refreshment stand, pharmacies and to the sale of all kind of products, from shirts to socks, from umbrellas to gloves, from glasses to products for the person, from newspapers to tourist guides, up to bags for recyclable waste and more.

2004 The continued growth of the company and the excellent results achieved over the years for product innovation, were also recognized in 2004 by the Chamber of Commerce of Verona.

2006 In 2006, expands its range with the production of vending machines for hot drinks. On the occasion of the exhibition VENDITALIA 2008, Nova Distributori Automatici S.r.l. offers to the market "Nuvola", an automatic distributor designed and manufactured for the sale of detergents. Totally automatic and one of a kind: in addition to detergents, it can dispense wine, sauces, and various liquids and/or fluids.

2010 The persisting desire to experiment with new markets drives it to venture into new sectors such as agro food. In fact, Nova Distributori Automatici S.r.l. has exhibited to Fieragricola in 2010 by proposing the new distributor of raw milk and distributors of yogurt and cheese, but also eggs, bread, vegetables, jams and fresh product.

Nova also provides vending machines to vending shops of next generation present throughout the national territory and beyond.
In the last edition of VENDITALIA 2010, has presented the new multimedia vending machine that has been recognized, both by the vending industry, both by the media, the distributor with the highest technology on the market.

2011 The continuous care in technology development and the desire for novelty, they took in 2011 to create "Dream 150", the vending machine for hot drinks.

The first free-standing vending machine:
ITALIAN: designed and manufactured in Italy
INNOVATIVE: exclusevily on capsules, not only coffee but delivers up to 12 different products
INTELLIGENT: able to communicate in real time the status of the distributor to the operator
INTERACTIVE: that dialogues with the user.